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Are You PASSIONATE About Your Business but it’s Not Making the PROFIT you’d like?

You’re not alone! Statistics reveal that Women in Business earn only 27% of the PROFIT Men Do!

Scary – Yes!  Confronting – Absolutely!

I know YOU are different-

YOU want MORE too!


How YOU can Make a Difference and Create a PROFITABLE Business!

• How you can learn from a TOP Industry Expert each month, to guide you STEP BY STEP, through this transition into a more profitable business

• Why MONETISING your Expertise and forming Multiple Income Streams will catapult your business’s success

• WHY and how to Find YOUR Voice as an Authority and BE 'the' Expert of choice, in your Niche!

• How to build a business that is PROFITABLE and will create the LIFESTYLE you want

• How YOU CAN create SECURE, long term CASHFLOW in your business!




Hi and welcome, my name is Kylie Welsh. I'm the founder of SHEentrepreneur - an organisation committed to creating business success for women.  

I'm here with you today to share with you some of the strategies that helped transform my business over a 12 month period!

In the first 2 years of my business I worked really hard to build up my community of talented, female business owners.  I was running networking events and face to face masterclasses each month to generate income, as well as building my profile and credibility.  I was very focused on becoming ‘the’ expert for women in business and working with women to raise their profiles.

I had a great profile and a strong community of supporters – over 1500 women in business on my database and absolutely LOVED what I did but….

I still wasn’t making any money.  I was so passionate about my business but it was just not making the money I wanted it to.  I was becoming tired, frustrated and a little exacerbated as to why all my hard work was not paying off! 

I really started to doubt myself and whether I had what it took to be a business owner – let alone an entrepreneur.  I started working longer and longer hours, trying harder and harder but there was no difference to my bottom line.  I spent many hours searching for FREE information on the internet that might help me, but still I came up with nothing innovative.  I was STUCK and could not afford the help I needed to move my business forward.

Something had to change!


What I needed was a MENTOR and EXPERT training  without the Expert price tag. 

I'll explain how I solved this very soon...

I started to realise that what I was doing was NOT working and I needed to change things dramatically, if I wanted to generate the lifestyle I wanted and the business growth I was so enthused about. 

My frustration led to a BIG SHIFT in the way I was THINKING about my business but also….. a big SHIFT started to occur in how I was RUNNING my business.

My first big step was taking my events on line.  This opened up a whole new database of women in business for me to work with.  We could now have hundreds of women at one time participating in on our online Masterclasses and they were a great success!

More importantly for my business, because we were not location based, I was in the unusual position of being approached by world class experts, ALL wanting the opportunity to work with me and my database of talented female business owners. 

This meant I had the unique opportunity to be mentored by experts, work through their training and learn directly from their expertise, without the expensive price tag.

Over the following 12 months I learnt, watched, read, studied, changed and implemented.  I soon began to realise what was not only HOLDING me back, but SO MANY women in business.  Here are a few of these changes to start with...

I totally changed my business model, implemented ALL my new learning’s including - creating a new online webinar series, launched new online products, began video blogging to share my expertise and message.  I successfully introduced joint ventures with key people into my business model and learnt about the joy of affiliate commissions, passive income and multiple streams of income. I went from 2 income streams to 13 over this time – developed the new SHEentrepreneur website – launched our new mentoring program...

Do you think I had a big year?  YES – IT WAS HUGE! 

I needed to make the psychological shift from serving others and facilitating everyone else’s success, into STEPPING UP – becoming a LEADER and creating real success – the success I knew I deserved in my life.  I learnt also how to position and package my UNIQUE talents and to value myself, so that I was confident about asking for the money I deserved.  I began coaching women to do the same.  I jumped INFRONT of the camera and realised that people really wanted to hear my message.  Through my business transformation my community of talented female business owners began creating massive change in their businesses too. There was a shift in consciousness for ALL of us and it was exhilarating. The opportunities and possibilities continue to unfold....

By the end of that 12 months I had TRIPLED my income. That is right TRIPLED my income!

Imagine in 12 months time if you are able to stand up and say you have tripled your income?  What affect will that have on YOUR life? I tell you what, I sleep a whole lot better these days…..

That is why I'm able to be here today with absolute conviction.  I love being able to offer the same opportunity to you!

The trouble is that to be able to create change in your life – it does require a TIME commitment.  

You're probably busy enough, right?

Yeah, me too! But I need you to understand that investing the time now, in KEY, PURPOSEFUL, HIGH LEVERAGE activity – will make your business require you whole LOT LESS in the future!  This is so important to understand.

What also became really obvious from my own experience, is that being seen an expert is not enough! There is so much more to SHEentrepreneur Success.  Using this expert status to UNIQUELY position yourself and generate LONG Term sustainable income is a large part of the missing key for many women in business – can you see the difference?  I hope so!  I look forward to exploring how this might be impacting on your business through our mentoring program.

So as a result of this extraordinary 12 month period in my life – I developed a totally unique, practical and specialised mentoring program consisting of 5 Unique and Distinctive Pillars for female entrepreneurs.  These pillars are vital componments of the SHEentrepreneur Success Wheel and will catapult your professional profile, assist you to generate greater business success, long term profit and financial freedom!

SHEentrepreneur is BORN!

A Mentoring Program, with a DIFFERENCE!

THE 5 Pillars to

SHEentrepreneur Success!


Only $97 a month




Only $97 per month

So What’s Your Next Step?

The BEST DECISION you can make right now is to press the ‘Get Access Now’ button below.  Remember, this is a time sensitive offer so jump in and be part of the SHEentrepreneur community at this very special price. There isn’t any other program like this in the world right now.  If you have any questions you can email me on support@sheentrepreneur.com or call me on the SHEentrepreneur hotline – 0407 276 759. 

Your payment of $97 will be deducted from your account each month and you are free to cancel this at any time.  I hope you don't but if your circumstances change or you are not 100% happy, then you can cancel your membership at any time.

Just remember, if you do leave the SHEentretreprenur membership program, you will always be welcome back at any time.

But what if I’ve Already Done a Training Module with YOU through your Masterclasses or Webinars, Kylie?

No problems  - just send me an email that month and I’ll refund your monthly membership fee!  In fact I’ll even let you review the module and if you don't think we’ve put heaps of extra cool stuff in to add value, no problems at all.  Just email us and we will do a refund for that month.  


Remember…if you have any question, call me on my mobile right now on 0407 276 759 and I’ll be more than happy to help you!


PS If you want to achieve great results for your business and a business that will achieve significant profit, then you need to ACT NOW. 

Here is a Preview of the Info that You could SOON Have at your Fingertips:

  • A content rich monthly, business VIDEO Module (VM) developed with Kylie Welsh and her expert team, that will be delivered to your computer screen.  This 2 hour module is broken down into bite sized chunks so you can complete it each week or a block of time per month - depending on your schedule and workload.  The best thing is - you can complete it in your own time.
  • Exclusive SHEentrepreneur MEMBER FORUM access. Here you can brainstorm with other business owners working on the same VM!  
  • A monthly ACTION PLAN, to ensure RESULTS are achieved for your business and that you actually follow through and DO IT!

  • A Practical WORKBOOK to support your VM, so you can implement the learning and apply it to your business straight away. 
  • The AUDIO of our VM incase you prefer to listen in while you are on the go.
  • The TRANSCRIPT of our VM for some late night reading, once the kids are in bed or hubby is snoring by your side.
  • An interactive, monthly GROUP COACHING CALL with Kylie Welsh and other SHEentrepreneur  members, where you will have the opportunity to submit your questions and have your challenges and problems solved by our expert, with group support. 
  • The RECORDING of this monthly group coaching webinar in case you can’t make it live or miss anything important!


* FREE Unlimited email support for 12 months.  You’ll never be left wondering, ‘How do I…?’

* A FREE Advertisement in the SHEentrepreneur Enews going out to 1800 women in business.

* A FREE shout out on SHEentrepreneur Facebook page per quarter

Remember, there are plenty of membership sites out there but there is no other Mentoring Program IN THE WORLD, where you can work with a  KEY INDUSTRY EXPERT each month for this price.



Only $97 per month